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Digital Program MyMemoriesSuite V8 FREE

My MemoriesSuite is a program to create wonderful digital layouts ! Easy to install and easy to use !

Its NORMAL price is $39.99 but until DEC 8, it's FREE FREE FREE

Click here to get it for FREE: MymemoriesV8
If you want to learn how to use it, you can read my articles :

Create an artsy layout with MyMemoriesSuite

To get a $10 discount on My Memories Suite 9 software use coupon code STMMMS66552.
Welcome to my new designer tip

Did you imagine that you would be able to create a layout like this one, with such an easy software as My Memories Suite 9 ? I’m sure you never did!

I’ll show you how you can do it very easily.

You’ll learn to put a picture in a mask and some elements to decorate your page.

For this tip, you need my freebie kit Lavender Mini. You can download it for free until September 7th. And here is a free mask I offer you: FREEBIE.

Download the mask and place it in the embellishments folder of my Lavender Mini kit.

You are now ready to create your layout.

1. Open My Memories Suite 9.

2. Click on design, photobook size 12” x 12”. If you don’t remember how to do, you can find my first lesson: How to create your first layout with MMS9

*Remember: Each part of the kit is in different folders.

3. Click first on backgrounds gallery icon. Browse to find the folder with the background papers you want to…

How to create your first layout with MyMemoriesSuite (Part 2)

Welcome back for the second part of this lesson.
Open your software My Memories Suite 9 As you have already created an album, MMS9 shows it. Click on your album to open it.
If you created other albums, you can find the one you are looking for by clicking on the button OPEN

Let's begin to work now.
We'll add the picture in your layout. There are different possibilities to do that.
Click on the picture, drag and drag onto the frame. As the size of the picture is different from the size of the frame, a box "photo editor" opens:

You can move the picture so that the part you want to see fir the square. Click and drag.

Then, click ok
The picture inserted in the layout.
Double click on the second picture. It's directly inserted in the layout, but it's not placed at the right place, even if you have selected the frame.

Click and drag it onto the frame.
MMS9 place the picture in the middle of the frame.

How to create your first layout with program MyMemoriesSuite (Part 1)

First screen. Click on the word Create: You get to the second screen. Click on Design. Click on Photobooks.
Select 12" x 12" (this is the size of the papers in kits).
You are ready to begin!
On the left side, choose the way you'll want to place your pictures. I chose 3 pictures side by side: Double-click on it. You get the following result:

Of course, you'll be able to change them later. But for the first layout, we'll keep them there. We will now open the folder where the kit you want to use is. For this example, I chose my kit St. Patrick's Day.
Each parts of the kit are in different folders:

Click first on backgrounds gallery icon. Browse to find the folder with the background papers you want to use, select it and select folder.Do the same for embellishments.Do the same for the pictures you want to use. If you range your pictures in folders on your hard disk, it'll be easier for you to find them back.